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Here are some gorgeous Gel Colours that Well Gel London sent me to review:

Jaded – A Forest Green Colour

Stonehenge – Light Grey/Stone

Popping Candy Purple Shimmer with Pink and Blue Glitter

Melbec – Dark Claret Colour Stonehenge – Light Grey/Stone

Jaded This one reminds me of the leaves I have on my Jade Tree, this is a gorgeous colour, it would look great used in a nature themed nail art. It reminds me of the Gucci green stripe in their logo. I actually don’t have a colour similar to this. I do have few ideas in mind for nail art

Stonehenge This colour is very, ‘stone’, coloured. Mixed with Cloudy Day it makes a creamy marble mix of colour. It is a very simple colour but none the less I have a few mani ideas in mind. Paired with silver and dark colours this would look very classy

Popping Candy I was pleasantly surprised with this colour. Purple is my favourite colour but this particular purple caught my attention in the light it showed me some sparkle two toned glitter of pink and blue very unusually pretty I’m in love for sure! This would look stunning with Pink Champagne Glitter Chrome on top of it.

Melbec This one has a lovely luxurious depth of colour, like a rich red wine or Claret. Quite a Gothic colour on one end of the scale to the dark red leaves of the poinsettia plant for a more festive design. If you aren’t into reds but lean to the darker side of these colours this may be for you! This will also suit all skin tones.

Well Gel is a Vegan brand which is also chemical free. They strives to achieve safer products available in the nail industry without losing out on quality of their product. As always I cured these in my LED lamp, 30sec’s per nail. These cure with no sticky/tacky layer and could be used without topcoat. Well Gel do sell a topcoat called Diamond Topcoat. Using this will prevent chipping and make your mani just look amazing.

Check out my Instagram page @handieworksnails for mani ideas I come up with using these gels., stay tuned.

To find out more about their products hop on over to their website and Instagram:


Happy Polishing

Sazjay xx

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