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Don't be Gel, be Well Gel London: Review

Hi everyone, I received a bunch of gorgeous colours from Well Gel London. A Vegan and chemical free Ceramic Gel. So let’s see what we’ve got:

• I Sea You Pearlescent Turquoise Colour, with a slight lime green shimmer

• Millionaire Metallic Gold Glitter picked Gel colour

• Purple Rain Delicate Pink Rose Colour slight Mauve undertone

• Blushing Pink Barbie/Bubblegum Pink

I Sea You: This has a petrol blue look to it, very metallic, nice sort of pearly effect. As trends are at the moment being Mermaids and Unicorns; this colour fits so well. I really love this colour, even on my light skin it actually goes really well.

Millionaire: A sheer but buildable gold glitter colour. When I see gold colours I usually think, special occasion nails or classy nails. Glammed up with gems or just low key styling; black and gold nail art idea comes to mind. This colour could also be used in a stunning set of wedding nails.

Purple Rain: I would probably say this is a dusky pink colour very mauve look to it, quite a lovely colour. I don’t have a colour similar to this, which is cool. A lovely rich colour, easy application. 2 coats for full opacity.

Blushing Pink: Lots of Barbie vibes from this one, also reminds me of strawberry Bubblegum. I don’t tend to wear a lot of pinks but as part of a tropical set or maybe Easter nail art set, I would wear this for sure.

As I mentioned before Well Gel are a manufacturer of vegan and chemical free Ceramic Gel products. They cured in my LED lamp for 30sec’s per coat. Added Diamond Topcoat and cured these for a more glossy finish. There was no curing issues and thus product doesn’t leave a sticky/tacky layer when cured. You could actually use them without topcoat as they dry to a shiny finish.

All the gels performed well and I think my most fave is I Sea You, I love the shade of blue/Turquoise it has.

If you love my review and would like to purchase their items visit and check them out also on Instagram @wellgellondon

Don’t forget to also follow me on Instagram@handieworksnails

Happy Polishing

Sazjay xx

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