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about wgl beauty

our mission

Well gel London was created out of pure passion for making a difference in the nail and beauty industry. Creating cleaner and greener products to improve the environment. our mission is to make a difference to the nail and beauty technicians environment by formulating cruelty free organic products.

With over 20 years of product development experience we aim to be the industry leaders, by developing easy to use and unique products to help make the applicators environment healthier.

"We believe that beauty should come without sacrifice"
Mustafa Mehmet
Creative Director.

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Pink Sugar

why choose us?

Wellgel London is an all in one cruelty free gel nail system. There is no need for a separate base or top coats, everything you need is in one bottle. This makes application faster and easy to manage stock levels for professionals. Wellgel is made from an alcohol and solvent free formula, making it suitable for expectant Mothers and those with very sensitive skin. Wellgel uses keratin to bond and nourish the natural nail, without causing damage or irritation to the skin. We have put a lot of thought into this faster, safer, cruelty free system to make your working environment and the care of your nails at the forefront of our research.

"Don't be gel, be Wellgel London".

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